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Each summer, Little League International holds All Star tournaments throughout the world. For teams comprised of 11/12 year-olds (Majors), Juniors and Seniors, bracket winners from the local/state/regional tournaments gather together in August in various locations (Williamsport) to play the Baseball World Series. Teams comprised of 9/10 and 10/11 year-olds play in tournaments to decide a state champion. Again this year is a tournament for 8/9 year olds which will be a District only Special Games tournament.

Central Loudoun Little League will field nine or ten All Star teams: American and National 8/9, American and National 9/10, American and National 10/11, American and National 11/12, Juniors and potentially Seniors. The players will be chosen by the All Star managers from a list of candidates who have completed an online commitment form. Other forms, including medical waiver and concussion forms, definitions of acceptable proofs of residency and sizing charts are in the Documents section of the website.

The Majors (11/12s) All Star teams will include three 12 year old players who are voted onto the team by CLLL Majors players themselves.



Player Age League All Star Team Eligibility
7 year old Single A or AA 7/8/9 year old team only
8 year old AA 7/8/9 year old team only
9 year old AA or AAA 7/8/9 or 8/9/10 year old team
10 year old AAA 8/9/10 or 9/10/11 year old team
10 year old Majors 9/10/11 year old team or Majors (10/11/12 yr olds)
11 year old AAA 9/10/11 year old team only
11 year old Majors 9/10/11 year old team or Majors (10/11/12 yr olds)
12 year old AAA Not eligible for All Stars
12 year old Majors Majors team only (10/11/12 yr olds)
12/13/14 year old Juniors Juniors team only
13/14 year old Middle School Juniors/Seniors
13/14 year old Seniors Juniors/Seniors
15/16 year old Seniors Seniors team only
It is the CLLL’s philosophy that our All Star teams be comprised of the best of the older players in that age group. For example, for Majors teams the best 12s, for the 9/10/11 teams the best 11s, for the 8/9/10 teams the best 10s and for the 7/8/9 teams the best 9's. However, ultimate discretion lies with the managers selecting the teams. There are no guarantees that your child will be selected.

By Little League rule, players must have participated in at least 60% of their team’s games.

Players will be notified per Little League International rules:

Release of Names
The release of names of players selected for the tournament team shall not be made before June 1, or two weeks prior to the start of the tournament within their respective division (whichever is earlier), and not until the availability and eligibility of all prospective team members have been established. (Little League accident insurance for tournament teams will not go into effect until June 1, or the date of the release of the names of Tournament Team members, whichever is earlier).

District 16 is comprised of Dulles, Upper Loudoun, Lower Loudoun, Loudoun South, Greater Fauquier, and Central Loudoun Little League baseball organizations. The District 16 Tournaments are in late June/ early July. These tournaments could last approximately two weeks. Practices will begin between June 1, 2018. The number of practice sessions is at the discretion of the manager, but may occur every day until the games begin. Should a CLLL team advance beyond the first round of tournament play, the commitment would extend as outlined below. Although this might require families to adjust summertime vacations, the tournaments are very exciting and fun to watch.

Tournament Tournament Dates Potential Dates For Commitment
Majors (10/11/12) All Stars District Dates July 1-July 11 June 1 – August 31

This tournament is hosted by CLLL.
The Virginia State tournament will be held in Abingdon, VA beginning on or about July 18th. 
The SE Regional tournament is August 2-7 in Warner Robbins, GA.

The Little League World Series is
August 15-25, 2019 in Williamsport, PA.

9/10/11 year old All Stars District Dates June 18 - June 28 June 1 – July 31
This tournament is hosted by DLL. 
The Virginia State tournament will begin on or about July 11th in Bluefield, VA. A tournament of Champions is available for this level which will take place following the state tournament.
8/9/10 year old All Stars District Dates June 17- June 27 June 1 – July 31
This tournament is hosted by ULLL. 
The Virginia State tournament will begin July 10th in Norfolk, VA. A tournament of Champions is available for this level which will take place following the state tournament.
7/8/9 year old All Stars District Dates June 10-15 June 1 - July 15
This tournament is hosted by LSLL. 
Juniors/Seniors All Stars District Dates July 8 - July 11 TBD

This tournament host is LLLL- Sterling. 
The Virginia State tournament which will begin around July 18 and will be hosted by District 16 in Sterling, VA.






All-Star Manager Registration

Mid March

All-Star Manager Selection

Opening Day (Early April)

All-Star Manager Announcement

Mid April to Mid May

All-Star Player Registration

Mid May

All-Star Player Voting (majors)

End of May

All-Star Player Selection by committees

Early June

All-Star Player Announcements (mandated date set by Little League International)



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