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CLLL has a collection of Lost and Found items in the Murphy Building at GTP.  Anything turned in to us will get stored here and is available when the concession stand is open.

For items lost at Freedom Park, the big shed by their concession stand has a lost and found area that you can look through.

For items lost at Bolen Park, there is a building all the way down at the end of Claudia Dr. where they store their lost and found items.

The staff at Freedom and Bolen do not turn the items they find over to us because of the number of different leagues that use their fields. Please check with the staff at these facilities if believe you have lost something there.

For school fields, that can be a bit more of a wild goose chase.  Those fields are used by even more organizations as well as neighborhood kids.  Your best bet there is to check with the school or facility office to see if anything was turned in.

Please be sure to label all of your children's gear to make this process a little easier.