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There are 2 Essentials of Pitching: Being Mentally Tough and Mechanically sound

Pitching Philosophy

  • Location, movement, and velocity (in that order) are the essentials of pitching. It is where you throw, not how hard you fast
  • Never give up – Be mentally tough at all times; the most important pitch is the next one. Never lose focus because one pitch could determine the outcome of a game
  • You have to want to pitch – Do you want the ball in a tight spot?
  • Take control on the mound – Always exude confidence
  • You are always one pitch from getting out of any jam
  • Make other teams beat you, don’t beat yourself – Limit your walks
  • The best pitch in baseball is strike one – Throw the 1st pitch for a strike to each batter, never underestimate the importance of getting ahead in the count.
  • Get the leadoff batter out each inning – 1st man up, 1st man out
  • Don’t complain about ball and strike calls by the umpire – Adjust to his strike zone, Pitchers have to continually make adjustments on the mound
  • Change speeds with your pitches
  • Establish the fastball – Don’t be afraid to throw inside
  • Keep the change-up down, down, down
  • When struggling with control, throw for the heart of the plate
  • Pitchers must field your position

    • Get body lined up with target and get body moving towards target
    • Right handers throw from right side of pitching rubber (Lefties from left side)
    • Position feet at 45 degree angle on rubber – Makes it easier to pivot
    • Ball in glove with glove at center of chest and slightly away from body
    • Rock step
    • Very short step (2-4 inches)
    • Keep head over pivot foot – Quiet head (Weight does not shift)
    • Pivot the foot in front and flush with the pitching rubber
    • Lift leg to balance point
    • Back leg is slightly bent at the knee for balance and power
    • Leg is parallel with ground
    • Toe pointed down (relaxed) and foot is directly under knee
    • Hands stay quiet
    • Front shoulder should be pointed at catcher’s glove (Keeps front side closed)
    • Once to balance point, take “foot to the hole” with leg going down (not out) and separate the hands to Power Position
    • Glove foot lands on straight line to plate on ball of foot (Foot to the hole)
    • Front foot remains partially closed
    • Front leg should be bent – Do not land on a straight leg
    • Separate hands down, out, and up to Power position as foot goes to the hole
    • Ball facing away from you (Towards second base)
    • Elbow even or above shoulder (High five to Randy Johnson)
    • As pitcher begins to rotate, head and chest move towards target
    • Glove ends up in arm pit
    • Get as much extension through the catcher as possible
    • Release point should be in front of the head
    • Follow through with throwing hand to glove side (Hand in opposite back pocket)
    • Back should be flat
    • Back leg and foot comes up and over so that foot is higher than hip
    • End with feet parallel facing home plate in good fielding position

    Drills – Non Throwing
    Mirror Drill
    • Break delivery down in parts – go step by step
    • Big Purpose is to check mechanics to develop muscle memory 
    Balance Drill
    • Against fence or wall, get to balance point and freeze
    • You must get to balance point before moving to plate
    • Purpose is to avoid rushing to the plate DRILLS
    Down, Out, and Up Drill
    • Up against wall or fence, separate hands down, out, and up to Power Position
    • Purpose is to make sure you get to Power Position EVERY time
    • Makes sure you don’t get rotational as you separate your hands
    • Hands will hit fence if you get rotational
    Drills – Throwing
    Rotation Drill
    • Face partner and spread feet out wider than shoulders
    • Rotate upper body and separate to Power Position
    • Front elbow, front shoulder, back elbow, and ball should be in straight line
    • Purpose is to get to good Power Position and feel rotation with upper body
    Stand Up Drill
    • Start with hands in center of body and feet already spread out (foot to the hole)
    • Rock forward, rock back and separate hands to Power Position (Feet do not move)
    • Follow through to glove side but backside does not come through
    • Back foot rolls over working on releasing hips
    • Back should finish flat
    • Purpose is to stay on balance and to not rush to the plate
    Power Position Drill
    • Start in Power Position and follow through to glove side and get backside through
    • Purpose is to reinforce the Power Position and get the entire backside through
    • Focuses on the finish
    Balance Point Drill
    • Lift leg to balance point and hold for 3 seconds
    • Deliver pitch as normal
    • Purpose is to get to balance point and not rush to the plate