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Mets - Picture Day & Upcoming Games
by posted 04/21/2021



Picture Day is this upcoming Saturday at 9:45am at Good Times Park.  The following is information sent by the league regarding the event:  


  1. Due to Covid-19 we strongly encourage parents to print and fill out order forms before arriving. Also, to avoid lines at their onsite credit card station, they encourage parents to pay with a check and attach it to the prepared form. Information on Memory Makers packages can be found on their wesbite: www.memorymakers.com. Payment is handled on site the day of photos; They accept credit, check, or cash (cash must be exact, they do not make change on site).
  2. Due to Covid-19 pictures will be 100% outside. Memory Makers will not be using the Murphy Building per their corporate policies. 
  3. There will not be a traditional Team Photo. However, they will still be offering a group photo within our packages even though one will not physically be taken on-site. With their updated technology, players do NOT have to sit or stand next to each other like in the traditional group or team picture.
  4. After each player takes their picture, they should leave the premises as quickly as possible to make room for following families. GTP will still be hosting games so parking will be tight.
  5. RAINOUT: If this event is cancelled due to Rain, CLLL and Memory Makers will work to find a future date. 


Note, a number of boys and coaches have tournaments this weekend and will not be in attendance.  Since there will not be a traditional team photo anyway this year, this might not matter to everyone.  However, you may not want to purchase the virtual team photo as a result.  Players unavailable are my Brayden, Kyle Knapp, Ryan Kunitz, Mason DeLani, Blaine Stowe, and Emmett Northrop.  If I have any of the boys incorrectly listed here, please let me know.  Also, if anyone else doesn't plan on attending, let me know.  I will be there for anyone attending.  


Link to the Picture Day order form:




Upcoming Games - We have a busy next 6 days.  (Arrival time for all games is 4:55pm).

  • Friday - Freedom Reavis - @A's
  • Monday - Freedom Huber - @Braves (rainout makeup).  Note there is no practice on Mon.
  • Tuesday - Freedom Huber - Braves


Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks! 


Coach Damon




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Mets - 1st Game Tomorrow
by posted 04/13/2021



A few points for tomorrow and in general.


We are the home team tomorrow and therefore will take infield starting right at 5pm.  Please have the boys in the 1st base dugout by 4:55pm ready to go.  Bolen Park 6.  Same field as practice.  


New things in Majors.  A few differences from the lower levels

  • There are no time limits.  The game will be played till 6 innings are completed
  • Games cannot end in a tie.  Therefore we will play 7 or more innings if the game is tied
  • No 5 run limits per inning
  • Dropped 3rd Strike Rule is in effect


I'd ask that all players remain in the dugout for the entire game other than needing to leave for the bathroom.  If you see your son frequently leaving the dugout, please remind him to remain in there.  


Dinner - The boys will be on a baseball field potentially from 5pm – 8:30pm or later for our games.  Therefore, I don’t mind if you give them food to eat in the dugout during the games, as long as it does not interfere with them actually playing and it isn't a distraction to the rest of the team.  Note, while I don't know for sure, I doubt Bolen will have its concessions open during the pandemic.  Please take that into consideration.  


That's it.  There doesn't appear to be rain in the forecast!






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Mets - Quick Notes
by posted 04/09/2021



Have two quick things for tomorrow.


Forms - If you haven't provided me your Medical and Concussion forms yet, please do so asap.  Hard copies or electronic are fine.  


Pitching - We have some Travel players on our team.  Please let me know at least a day in advance if there are restrictions on your son pitching for any of our games.   For example, if he pitched over the weekend, he may not be able to pitch on Tuesday.  Or if he will pitch over the weekend, he may not be able to do so on Friday.  If I don't hear otherwise, I will assume he is able to pitch.  In general I follow the Little League pitch guidelines for anyone who has limits to the number of pitches they can throw.  






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Mets - First Game Info
by posted 04/07/2021



Am looking forward to our first game on Friday!  I wanted to go over some pre-first game info here.    



Getting Better is our First Priority

  • As mentioned in my first email, the season is about getting better.  We will win some, and we will lose some.  Think of our games as a really long pre-season, with the playoffs being the real deal.  Therefore we will rotate kids around the field throughout the season and try to give them a good amount of playing time in the IF and OF.   When we get to the playoffs we’ll attempt to maximize our chances of winning.  Since that’s a long way off, let’s worry about getting them better for now.


  • We’ve also stressed to the kids thus far about having fun and playing hard with a great attitude.    The games are no different.  Therefore, we expect them to be cheering on their teammates, hustling, focusing on the field, and displaying great sportsmanship. 




Game Notes

  • Friday’s game is at 6pm at Bolen Park #5.


  • We will be in the 3rd base dugout as the away team. 


  • Please arrive 1 bour and 5 mins early for all games.  For Friday, this means 4:55pm.  I would like the team in the batting cage ready to go with all batting gear on by 5pm on Friday. 


  • The Umpires are human, and often just kids.  They are not going to get every call correct.  Therefore, the coaching staff is committed to keeping it professional with the umpires and other team’s coaches at all times.  We will ensure our kids do too.  We need the parents to do the same above all.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen coaches or parents from other teams ride the umps incessantly.  Please don’t be that person. 


  • I had a game a few seasons ago where the 3rd base coach held a kid up at 3rd base on a ball hit to the OF.  The only problem was half the parents were yelling for the kid to go home, and he did.  I bring this up cause I ask that the parents leave the coaching to the coaches when the kids are on the field.  We have a lot of talented kids on our team, and that means you all have been doing a great job coaching them at home.  The last thing we want to do is confuse them while on the diamond though.  


  • The lineup will change regularly based on who is hitting well, slumping, etc.  Additionally, attending practices will be factored into the lineup.  Of note, this is the least number of practices I have ever had prior to starting a season.  I frankly don’t have a great idea of everyone’s hitting abilities as of yet.  (Point being don’t stress over the batting lineup).  


  • I am aware of 2 kids unavailable to play Friday, so we have 10 players.  If your son is not going to be there, please let me know asap.  I will be making the lineup tomorrow afternoon. 


  • We will be using GameChanger to keep score.  Everyone should have received an invite for it. 



See you Friday.  Tell the kids to pray for no rain.  Play Ball!



Coach Damon


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Mets - Adult Game Coordinator & Miscellaneous
by posted 03/30/2021



Awesome first practice last night.  The boys were great.  For those that couldn't make it, am looking forward to meeting you at practice next Monday at Bolen Park 6, 6:30pm.  


Adult Game Coordinator (AGC)

We need a couple of more volunteers to sign up as the AGC.  (Already have two).  This person's job is basically to ensure sportsmanship is maintained amongst coaches, players, umps, and fans at games.  Additionally, if we get threatening weather during a game, the AGC is to ensure the coaches and umps don't ignore thunder and lightning.  Its really easy, and by having a few AGCs, it will pretty much ensure we have one at every game.  (We need to provide one for every home game).  You need to sign up through the CLLL website to do it.  Official responsibilities are as follows:

ADULT GAME COORDINATOR CRITERIA & RESPONSIBILITIES Must be an adult (18+ years of age). Must have a background check and be designated as an Adult Game Coordinator by the League. May not be a manager or coach of either team. May only preside over 1 game at a time. Must be present at pre-game meetings and contribute if needed. Make sure that your name is in the official scorebook. Must be present at the game at all times. Oversees the conduct of all players, managers, coaches, umpires and fans. Is authorized to eject managers, coaches, and players. Stops play for inclement or unsafe playing conditions. An Adult Game Coordinator CANNOT: Over-rule any umpire's decision. Adult Game Coordinators DO NOT make decisions on the field and DO NOT make any rule interpretations. Remove any umpire from the game. The game cannot start without an approved Adult Game Coordinator recognized by both teams. The Home Team provides the Adult Game Coordinator. In the absence of an Adult Game Coordinator from the home team, both teams may agree to use an Adult Coordinator from the Away Team.


Please let me know if you can sign up.  



Concussion & Medical Forms

If not already provided, please bring to the next practice or send to me electronically.  




We will use GameChanger to keep score of games.  I believe most folks are familiar with it, and it is a great way to check stats and follow along if not at the game.  You should get an email once we add your email to our team profile.  Also, if anyone has done GC before and is willing to do so again, please let me know.  It's good to have more than one person who can do it.



Our first game is next Friday, April 9th.  Can't wait!








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Mets - Assistant Coaches
by posted 03/23/2021



As we have our first practice tomorrow night, I wanted to introduce two other assistant coaches in addition to Billy Stowe and myself.  


  • Bobby Knapp - His son Kyle is on the team.  Bobby has coached before in CLLL and does a great job with the kids.  


  • Cary Northrop - His son Emmett is on the team.  Cary has coached a number of CLLL teams in the past, and is also currently coaching his younger son in AA this season.  Additionally, Cary has been an All Star coach a couple of times.  


Thanks to Billy, Bobby, and Cary for helping out.  Having them gives us ample opportunity to keep the kids busy and having fun during practices. 


One reminder - Please fill out the 2 forms I sent out earlier in the week and bring to practice tomorrow night.  (Or send to me electronically).  Practice is at 8pm at GTP - Barrett.  


Can't wait for tomorrow night!  Please do a rain dance to keep the rain away.  






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Mets - Forms
by posted 03/22/2021



CLLL has asked that parents fill out the following forms:

  • Concussion 
  • Medical Release


These are to be returned to me so I can turn into the league.  Please send electronically, or give me the paper version at our first practice this Wednesday.  


Additionally, I am attaching CLLL's Covid policy form.  Please review.  (Nothing to turn in for this one).  


Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!


Coach Damon



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Mets - Jersey #'s and Sizes - Please Check
by posted 03/15/2021



Thanks for the quick turnaround on number and size information.  Please double check the list below and let me know if I have anything incorrect in the morning.  No need to respond if all good.  I am submitting to CLLL at noon.  


Mets Player Jersey Size #
Jack Bailey AS 5
Brayden Dowdall AM 23
Kyle Knapp YL 4
Ryan Kunitz YXL 20
Mason Mathias YXL 12
JP Myers YXL 99
Emmett Northrop YL 7
Luke Olszewski YXL 32
Logan Smith YXL 9
Blaine Stowe YXL 22
Micah Wollam YXL 25
Noah Wollam  AS 6




Also, thanks for the quick turnaround on WhatsApp sign ups too.  Just a few more, and we'll have representation from all families there.   Here's the sign up link again.   








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Welcome Mets!
by posted 03/14/2021

Hello Mets!


My name is Damon Dowdall, and I wanted to welcome everyone to the Central Loudoun Little League Majors National League Mets!  As the Head Coach of the team, I am really excited to meet everyone and get the season started. 



A little background on myself.  I have been coaching in Central Loudoun Little League since T-Ball in 2012.  I have two boys in CLLL, one is in Juniors, and the other, Brayden, is on our team.  Brayden is 11 years old and is in the 6th grade at Belmont Ridge MS.  I believe this will be the 20th CLLL regular season team that I have coached; and I’ve also been a head coach and assistant coach in All Stars.   



Billy Stowe is the Assistant Coach, and his son Blaine is on the team.  Billy has been coaching in CLLL for a long time too.  Additionally, Billy has coached All Stars, and he is currently also the head coach of one of the CLLL affiliated Travel baseball teams.  



Our team is made up of 12 boys, all either league age 11 or 12.  The roster is:


  • Jack Bailey

  • Brayden Dowdall

  • Kyle Knapp

  • Ryan Kunitz

  • Mason Mathias

  • James Myers

  • Emmett Northrop

  • Luke Olszewski

  • Logan Smith

  • Blaine Stowe

  • Micah Wollam

  • Noah Wollam 



The Main Objectives for our team are:

  • Commit to getting better at baseball - players, coaches, and parents

  • Play hard with a great attitude – sportsmanship, hustle, focus, effort, respect and coachability

  • Have fun



The #1 commitment from the coaches is to improve the kids’ baseball abilities.  That means we will do our best to balance being competitive along with putting the kids in positions where they can improve.   




  • In the Majors, the boys get to pick a number and will have their name on the back of their jersey.  Because it’s a custom order, I have to get the size and number choices for everyone in by Tuesday afternoon.  Therefore, please reply with both by Tuesday at 10am.  For # choices, please provide a first and second choice. 

  • For games we will be wearing white pants with a Royal Blue pinstripe, Royal Blue socks, and a Royal Blue belt.  Please purchase those for the season.  

  • The league did not provide bats or helmets as they typically do, due to Covid.  That being said, if you don't have one for your son, I can ask the league to provide either.  So please let me know if needed.  



Schedule - The full schedule is not currently posted, other than our first practice which is on Wednesday, 3/24.  Once the season starts after Spring Break, our regular practices will be Mondays, and games will be Tuesdays and Fridays.  We may get a practice this upcoming weekend, and I will let you know once I do.  



Communications – We will be using 2 methods:

  • Email/CLLL Website - I will use the CLLL website to send all email communications.  Therefore, please ensure your email contact information is updated in the system.  Any emails I send out will then be automatically posted on our team page on the website so you can refer back to it if ever needed all season long.    


  • WhatsApp – WhatsApp is great for sharing pictures/videos (one of the boys sliding home to win the game), sending out notes to the team that need to be viewed immediately ("cancelling practice due to the rain"), requests for help ("can someone bring Joey to practice tonight for me"), etc.  It's a better alternative to email for short messages that need to be viewed in real time and for sharing media.   On your mobile device, please click on the link to join our chat group by this upcoming Wednesday: https://chat.whatsapp.com/K6avImEEfW3Icuk0uVKKhK



If there are any medical/allergy concerns that I should be aware of, please let me know. 



Lastly, as a reminder, I need to know the size and number choice for your son's jersey asap.  



OK, that’s it for now.  Sorry for the long email.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 



Go Mets!



Coach Damon


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